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Warp Feeds and Shells Image

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Constant air adapter screws in where the pierce pin assy screws in. It has a male quick dissconnect fitting out of the rear.


Feed tube/neck Angel threaded for AGD aluminum ULE Warp bodies including the Tac-1.


6 pack of ULT kit shims


Small black o-ring inside ULT assembly sold in packs of 4

Fill Port Nipple

You will also need to purchase the Tank Regulator Check Valve, which goes inside the Fill Port Nipple, to use this on a Flatline Tank.

Buy Now Stainless Warp Feed Mainbodies

Warp bodies are the tightest way to set up your marker. They are cut-down versions of the normal bodies that allow the Warp to feed balls into the bott...

Trigger for Carbon Fiber Frame

This is the black single-finger trigger that fits our Automag/Minimag Carbon Fiber Frame Assemblies only.

Buy Now Intelliframes

Packaged STOCK with black DYE Sticky 3 grip and Blade Trigger. Comes in matte black. This beauty is machined out of a solid b...

1" Brass Hose Extension

1/8" NPT extender is  not recomended for high pressure pistons.

12v Charger Cord

Standard type car cigarette lighter adaptor cord. Plugs into battery recharger.

Buy Now RT-ULE Custom
Buy Now ULE Vertical Feed Mainbodies

HOT! HOT! HOT! Finally here, the ALL Aluminum Colored Bodies! All the features you want including:  

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