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Warp Feeds and Shells Image

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Small black o-ring inside ULT assembly.
Sold in packs of 4.


6 pack of ULT kit shims


Constant air adapter screws in where the pierce pin assy screws in. It has a male quick dissconnect fitting out of the rear.


Feed tube/neck Angel threaded for AGD aluminum ULE Warp bodies including the Tac-1.






Buy Now Stainless Warp Feed Mainbodies

Warp bodies are the tightest way to set up your marker. They are cut-down versions of the normal bodies that allow the Warp to feed balls into the bott...

Trigger for Carbon Fiber Frame

This is the black single-finger trigger that fits our Automag/Minimag Carbon Fiber Frame Assemblies only.

Fill Port Nipple

You will also need to purchase the Tank Regulator Check Valve, which goes inside the Fill Port Nipple, to use this on a Flatline Tank.

Buy Now Tac-One

The TAC-ONE is absolutely loaded with outstanding features and performance at an amazingly low price!

The TAC-ONE was developed specifically with the...

Buy Now RT-ULE Custom

Shown with optional bottom-line kit installed.

The RT ULE represents the state of the art in mechanica...

Buy Now ULE Vertical Feed Mainbodies

ULE Vertical Feed Bodies

1. Uses Cocker thread barrel (not included) instea...

12v Charger Cord

Standard type car cigarette lighter adaptor cord. Plugs into battery recharger.

Buy Now Intelliframes

Intelliframes only come in matte black.  Frames come stock with the blade trigger and safety assembly installed. Frames are n...

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